Monday, September 2, 2013

Monkey Boy, Crackin' Me Up Since 1999

I know, I know.  It's been a while.  I said that last time, too.  Life is weird, busy, erratic, and I'm moody.  Get over it.


Things have been moving along at warp speed.  Princess is growing more and more precocious, and is working her way into having a dog-----Being to Lord-ette of Dog Town is IMMINENT.  She's already knitted the damn dog a hat, for cryingoutloud. (Let's all have a collective moment of silence for the poor over-loved doggie that will soon be ours, shall we?).

My health still sucks, but there have been leaps forward, and setbacks.  Incidentally, this summer storm we are currently in the middle of apparently affects my joints.  Fuck you, Rain.

Monkey Boy has gone from an 8th grade class of 30-ish, to a Freshman class of 500+, with marked success.  He's growing, maturing, becoming a relate-able human. It's been a pleasure. He's also crossing into Real Life socially.

Monkey Boy has jumped with both feet into the realities of Dating Life.

He has a true, official, holding-hands-on-the-couch, not-eating-food-in-front-of-each-other GIRLFRIEND.

I'm proud of him, on so many levels:

  • He took a risk and "asked her out", before school got out, risking rejection (he typically has a very small group of friends, and is more quiet, less social, rarely has friends over, so this was HUGE). 
  • He has had to be assertive to spend time with her (he's 14, and she's a year younger, and lives about 20 minutes away, so they both need to step it up with their communication if they are EVER going to see each other, so transportation is by parents)
  • He's learning to negotiate the fine art of dealing with a girl (it's never too early for him to learn, "Happy wife, happy life", amiright?)
  • He's truly happier as a person, is nicer to his sister, is more patient in general.  This relationship thing has really allowed him to do some maturing.
Back to the story that was intended:

All of their time together is supervised: movies with an adult, errand running, meals out, hanging out at one of the homes, etc.  And, Girlfriend has two younger siblings----we all know siblings make the BEST chaperones!  Anyway, the sibs all go to school together (Princess included), and the little girls have grown close.  Last night MB was out with Girlfriend and family for a family party than ran into the night (when I am tucked deep into my Sleep Number, dreaming about pastries). 

I get this text:

MB: Andrea (little sis of Girlfriend) wants to have a playdate with Princess
Me: (I don't know why the vibration of my phone woke me, but it did) We cN woek soemthing ojt
MB: R u drunk?
Me: I ws slecpng jerkface (made SURE to spell jerkface right!)

Meanwhile, we are now in that phase of life where I get to start saying, "wake me when you get in, okay?".

Any tips, besides putting the younger sister in between them on the couch?

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