Friday, November 23, 2012

The One Where I KNEW He Was "The One"

I have always strongly suspected that Sky King was the best guy for me.  He has shown me, so many many times.  he looks out for my back fat, he has read my blog and booked amazing hotel rooms overlooking Union Square in San Francisco just to please me despite his aversion to crowds of snotty people, and generally been by my side through thick, thicker, and thickest.

But last night, late Thanksgiving Evening, after turkey, gravy and pie, he had my back, yet again.  This was our text convo:

Me: Shit's getting REAL at the Target. Someone just cut.  It got ugly.  Please go to Home Depot, we need tarps, a shovel, and 50 lbs of Lyme.

SK: On my way

Me: I always knew you had my back.  You *might* want to grab my passport too, just in case.

SK: Go bag already packed, along with the emergency cash. We are good to go.

Me:  I LOVE YOU BABY!!  (ala Natural Born Killers)

Me, and Sky King.  180 pounds ago.  Mostly mine.

See?  I heart him, SO DAMN HARD.

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