Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ambien Aimee Strikes Again....and Again....

This Ambien is a complete crazy pill.

These things all happened, unbeknownst to me.  Separate nights-otherwise, I wouldn't get any sleep at all.
1. I ordered some custom T-shirts.  I hope I got my size right, and I REALLY hope I spelled everything correctly.  I would have been more alarmed had they not sent an email confirmation. Either imma be lookin GOOD next week, or a random relative is going to get a really fucked up gift for Christmas.

2. Sky King asked where the remote was, so he could turn off the TV and go to sleep.  Apparently, I responded with, "in my panties.  Get it.". He got up, and shut  off  the TV manually. Likely after a big sigh.

3. A smell woke me at 2:30.  I got up, and hand-scrubbed the carpet. I didn't remember until Sky King said, "why is the carpet wet?". I had to say, "I think I cleaned them last night".  He followed with "nice. I think i'll be leaving the car wax out tonight."

I have heard similar stories prior to taking Ambien,  but I didn't believe them.  Until now.

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