Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Thug Doesn't Fall Far From The Bling

Princess takes after her mother.  Those of you that know her have recognized some of her faces, some of her sarcastic eye rolls, and are not surprised.  My mother even says, "You're getting Aimee times 10, for all you put me through".

My little Princess has also begun embracing her thug side.

The other night, she found an errant fortune cookie. (It was in a bowl of snacks from the snack cabinet that hadn't been eaten, so I displayed them differently, and they were flying off the shelves---it's all about presentation sometimes.)

She said, "Momma, this is a Gansta cookie."

Me: "mmmmwhahaa????"

Her, reading intently, "A friend will be important to you and your forthcoming suckas"

Me: :::peering over her shoulder::: Baby, that's "Success, not "Suckas".

Next thing you know, she will get sent home from Montessori for showing her "colors".  "Pink bedazzled" has a gang affiliation, right?

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