Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sick Of Sick, Part II

Last time we chatted, I was poised to gulp date rape drugs, all in the name of possibly wetting the bed.

I gave my usual donation of massive amounts of cash, as well as some vials of blood.

Later that day, Dr. Lyme called.

Dr. Lyme: I was thinking.  I want to change your antibiotics from what we talked about.  I would rather see you take something that will fight both the Lyme, and the Bartonella. So, I'm thinking Rifampin, and Doxycycline.
Me: Okay.  But Doxycycline is the one where I can't be in the sun.  And it gave me a rash last time.
Dr. Lyme: Yes, you are right.  But it is the best drug for what you are fighting, so I'd like to try it for a week of two, see if you can tolerate it this time.
Me: :::harumph:::

I go into my Costco later that day, and meet the Pharmacist with Nads of Granite.

Have you ever had a pharmacist ask what your problems were? Me neither.

Me: I'll take a consult, I haven't had one of these.
Dude: Okay, step over to the consult window.

Pharmacist: Ms. Walker? Okay. (He pulls bottles out of the bag, reads labels.) Oh!  This is you!  Yeah, some weird stuff came in this morning, and I was wondering what the deal was, then it was canceled, and even weirder stuff was called in. Wow.  What are you fighting?
Me: Chronic Lyme Disease. (Pharmacist grimaces)
Pharmacist: You were the one eating all my Z-packs before, right?
Me: Yep.
Pharmacist: Wow.  You keep fighting. Getting better?
Me: Stopped getting worse, so there's that.
Pharmacist: Yeah, that's a drag.  So here's the deal. See the color of these pills? (Shows me the Rifampin, which is a blood red capsule) Get used to it.  It will color your urine, feces, sweat, saliva.  You wear contacts?
Me: :::shakes head:::
Pharmacist: Good.  It will tint your contacts. Okay, good luck, fight the good fight!

A weird, yet refreshing, experience.

So, I can no longer be in the sunshine, in the Central Valley of California, in the middle of summer.  Back to hippy skirts and flow-y shirts that cover me arms to my fingertips.  Which is a great look when you are 5'3", and slightly above your goal weight. Add this all to the floppy hat, and I'm thrilled I'm not single any more.  Now if Sky King begins to lose his vision, I'm set for life.

Add this to the other drug, that will tint the inside of me.  That may come outside of me an alarming shade of red.  Check.  Oh, and this Rifampin?  Typically used for TB.  And Meningitis.  Swell.

credit: istock

I am officially sick of being sick. Because before? I was pretending to be sick of being sick.  Now I'm not joking.

What has happened to you lately, that has made you want to stab random people in the neck?

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