Monday, April 16, 2012

WTF is Chronic Lyme Disease?

The other day, the Lyme Disease community was abuzz with the concept of a major mainstream talk show doing a segment on Chronic Lyme Disease. I managed to be super-duper high tech and download a DirecTV app while out of town, in order to set my DVR (that I FINALLY got) from Tahoe, all to record Dr. Phil.

Then I got to watch it live.  But I figured out something technical, with my Lyme brain that tends to not cooperate.

Anywhooo, it was very exciting for us Lymies.  Why?  Well, some doctors don't believe Chronic Lyme Disease exists, or that long-term antibiotics is the answer.  Which sucks, because those asshats believe that we should take our 28 days of Amoxicillin, and get better over the next few years, or not.

I'm entirely too disagreeable to handle that, so I went on a quest to find a doc that believed me, and would treat me.

Still, there are people even in my own life that don't understand what Chronic Lyme is all about.  So, for them, I have a link to the Dr. Phil segment:

Please check out this link.  It's not terribly long in the grand scheme of things.  But it's important that people believe in Chronic Lyme, spread information, and help us demand treatment, instead of casting us aside to just be sick. 

Bear in mind, some of the images are disturbing, especially if you know me, and worry about me.  I am not as bad as the young lady that is the former model.  But I'm worse than the meteorologist from San Diego.  I have had it cross into my brain, and have memory issues as well as twitching, but not the seizures.  I'm thankful we caught it when we did, and my doctor and I are working towards remission.

I will be back with more inappropriate humor soon, I fucking promise.


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