Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Kids Can't Go To College, or, I Have a $30/day Pill Habit

Is "Junkie" with a "Y", or "IE"?

Shit just got real.

Why do people insist on denying meds to other people? Especially when those meds keep certain people from choking other people?

Here's a tip to pharmacy workers everywhere:
If the prescription is for antidepressants?  Fucking FILL IT. 

No joke.

Friday, I called in my refill.  I figured, "because I am awesome, I will give them til Sunday to fill it."  So I went by last night, and those bastards?  Closed.  They close at 6 on Sundays.  Fuck.

So I went home, ransacked my pill cabinet.  (Yes, CABINET.) Nothing. Instead, I had a glass-ish of wine.

I woke up, intent on hitting them first thing.  I was there at 8:30, right after the pharmacy opening,  after doing the "tuck and roll" with the kids at the drop-off loop. The pharmacy didn't have it ready. something about "prior authorization".

All I knew is, I had another refill, at least.  Gimme my shit. 

So I called the doc, stressed the importance of NOT going through withdrawals. The person on the other end of the phone did NOT sound concerned.  Fuck.  Again. Do you even know how hard it is to stress importance, while NOT swearing at people that aren't taking you seriously?

So I left CVS after an hour, thinking, "this is going to be a GREAT day.  My acupuncturist will have his work cut out for him today".

On the way home from work, I called Costco, to tell them I was on the way for 3 of my scrips.  Then I called CVS, purveyor of all that is anti-depressant, and said, "where's my shit?".

The dude was concerned that the cost was $174ish, with my new insurance.  I said, "Well, I'm not supposed to let it get out of my system, and it's been since Saturday, so I guess I will pick it up, and pay $174ish."  He was alarmed, but finally understood.

After Costco made me get in line 3 times (at the cost of $50 in snacks per line-standing), I finally left, and headed to CVS.

Meanwhile, the doctor's office had called. 

Them: We got your message about a refill?
Me: Actually, it was 3 messages.
Them: Oh.  how are you today?
Me: Seriously?  I need my pills. I have been waiting all day for someone to call.  I had my last dose Saturday.  It's not JUST that I'm crazy.  it helps with my pain.  WHEN I take it. 
Them: Well, the insurance doesn't want to approve 30 mg, two pills a day, for a total of 60 mg a day.  They want you to take 60 mg in one pill.  Will that work?
Me: Are you kidding?  Math is the issue?  How is that not the same?


 Fine. Whatever.
Them:  Okay.  Well, I will talk to the doctor, and let you know if there is a problem.
Me: How 'bout, you call me either way? So I know if I can get my meds I'm two days late for?
Them: .........okay........
Me: Thanks!!!!  ::teeth gritted, lips pursed:::

By the time my day was done, I had spent over $250 on 4 different medications.  And spent 3 hours doing so. So college for the kids?  Not. Add this to the supplement bills, and I have an expensive habit.

My biggest accomplishment?  No one was stabbed. This time.

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