Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Latest First World Problem

I know, I'm pissing and moaning about something petty to people that are desperately trying to feed their families. I get it.  It still doesn't make my pool any warmer.

Recently, we had to move away from our awesome-floor-plan-party-pad-with-a-'70s-porn-shower* to a new place, to get away from the mold.

How do we know there was mold? Well, we almost did a $300 mold kit test.  But we are renters, and we knew the owners would not fix the problem.  I wouldn't either, because the heating ducts went through the concrete slab, and filled with water during heavy rains.  So much so, we could hear sloshing when the heat was on.  And the heat did not blow with a steady flow, more of a Jumanji-whah-whah-whah that scared the bejeesus out of Princess.  She's frighteningly easy to alarm.

So, we found a bigger, prettier, deckier, poolier, hot-tubbier place, on a quieter street.  We didn't think it was possible, but we did. 

But the pool leaked, and was scheduled for re-surfacing. (Along with all the other things wrong, which could take up several more blog posts...)

So the dudes came out, and Sky King had the opportunity to chat them up, in a my-psycho-wife-wants-this-shit-done-STAT kinda way.

They said it would take a day. This seemed a bit far-reaching, but what the hell do I know about pool resurfacing?

What they meant was, "it will take a day--which is 24 hours, spread over several months".

I should have clarified.  Right before I was going to call and make up some bullshit story about my atrophied knees and the need for the pool to be done, they showed up. Now it is filling with water, and we seem to be about a week away from Opening Day at the Walker Ranch Water Park.

I know, boo-fucking-hoo.  Be nice, or you can't come to Opening Day.

*What is a "porn shower", you ask?  It is a shower that is quite open, tiled, and happens to be missing a wall to the outside, having been replaced with a clear sliding glass door. Fortunately for our neighbors, there was a small private courtyard overgrown with bamboo surrounding this door.  Each shower was like a trip to the rain forest, minus the sweat and bugs. It took me about a month to get used to it.

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