Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Health Update for August 2012


I have been a very bad blogger. 

I apologize.

But I have good reason-when I am not at home holding my couch down in the event of a gravity-reversal, I have been out and about, enjoying life.

I have kicked the Ambien habit.  Woot, woot, as the hipsters might say.

I am staggering down on my Cymbalta.  Another high-five.  :::slap:::

I am working with my acupuncturist with some homeopathy that will compliment my traditional Lyme treatments.  Holla.

 I'm sleeping a TON, which means I am fighting hard. 

I'm even thinking about ramping up my meditation practice, from oh, none, to maybe a teensy little bit, so that I am less likely to get so stabby when things don't go my way.  Progress, right?

Even though not everything is going swimmingly, I am handling things pretty damn well if I do say so, myself.

I'm even getting to do things I thought I would have to shelve for a while.

I had the chance to go to lunch with Sky King, and some of my old trouble-making cohorts from my college days.  We all met downtown, with plans to eat fabulous food, and drink fabulous drinks, all the while telling baudy stories about our late teens and early 20s. 

Sky King's ears (and mental-image department) probably bled a bit.  Sorry, Honey.  I was young, and drunk.  And under the influence of bad bad people that challenged me to do inappropriate things like skinny-dip in the ocean, and the like.  I will try to not do these things too often in the future.

I do, however, want a pic of the skinny-dipping-I can't imagine I will ever look that good again.  20-year-old boobies? Sign me up!  :::longing sigh::: (T---I expect a high-res image soon-I will sned postage if need be!)

As you may remember, I was convinced to go on a rafting trip with my friends, in full frontal sun, despite my recent addition of Doxycycline to the meds mix.

This was an amazing day.  Not only because I did not wake up hungover the next day.  Not only because I got to do something amazing that I didn't think I could.  But because everyone was on board with keeping me covered, so that I could participate.

Later, when thinking of this day, it was that.  That inclusion that touched me so much.  The feeling that my friends were willing to accept a crazy-dressed covered-up nutjob on their raft, that they would remember to remind me to cover up and reapply sunscreen, that they were committed enough to me going they spent some time convincing me to go. 

It gave me a taste of my "old life", of getting to do things again. 

I no longer feel that I am watching life happen--I am participating.

And it feels freaking awesome!

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