Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Brain Function, Risotto, and the Long-Lost Limerick of Lyme

I think I may have to give up most of my bad habits: you know, running around doing errands for work, working, coming along on field trips.  Those bad habits. Why?  Because of a beautiful butternut squash risotto.

Why, you are asking, have I chosen to malign the name of something so fabulous?

Mmmmmmm.....it was so, so very good.  And this picture doesn't even do it justice.  So why did I post it? Because I had to show how amazing it was, but I gobbled down the first serving-you can see remnants on the plate. So I had to get some more, and take a pic (the suffering I do for my art...). 

But why, you ask, do I have to give up so much, just for a meal? 

I'm going to tell you. 

Remember when I pissed and moaned about my diminishing cognitive function here and here and...wait a minute.  I've sung this song before.....

Oh well, you get to hear it again.

It's gotten worse.

As in, "I couldn't follow the steps of a recipe" worse. Cue Sky King's Master Chef-ing duties, and the most amazing risotto ensued.  During the process, he said, "Why aren't you just dumping in all the liquid?" to which I replied, "because it says not to..." and I must say, we both agreed it was worth it.

Here is the recipe, in case you want to copy me:

Butternut Squash Risotto with Crispy Pancetta

Just know that "Pancetta" means "bacon", and "Butter" means "Dairy-free alternative" and "White Wine" means "drinking the rest of the bottle won't help your cooking skills".

So, I couldn't follow the recipe.  I attributed it to the extra wine that would just go bad, which is wasteful.  I may be a horrible swearer, but I am NOT a wine waster. 

Then, I noticed a few times in the past couple days where I have tripped over my tongue.  Not because I was attempting to lick Mark McGrath on a Southwest Flight to Vegas (Damn you, Sky King, from stopping me-I totally could have taken that bodyguard).  Tripping as in, you know when you have had just a little too much to drink, but you don't know it until you try to speak and come out sounding like a drunk idiot?  Well, imagine that, but you're sober.  Scared the shit out of me.  Well, it would have, except that the Antibiotics are doing a fine job of that already.

Anyways, I have been fumbling over words.

Then, I went to do a craft that required a new product that had directions. I could not, for the life of me, comprehend exactly what they were trying to get across.  So I winged it, screwed it up, and re-did it with stuff I know how to use.

The words, thoughts, and images aren't coming as easily.  And I hear this is only the beginning.  So, before I get too bleary-mouthed, I will leave you with one last (hopefully not, but I'm being prepared) cohesive spew from my brain:

There once was a bodacious chick,
With skills that were always quite slick.
She would write and would curse,
All while forgetting her purse,
Just because she got bit by a tick.

See?  My brain is falling apart already.....sorry "bout that.


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