Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Professional Resolutions

Those of you that know me in real life know what I do.  those of you that stalk me online (probably so that you feel better about how crazy YOU are, because I beat you every time) may not know.  So for all my stalkers out there-and the people in person that don't fucking pay attention, I will explain.

I own a child care center and preschool. It's big-ish. About 100 little cuties, and 20 something grown-ups that I take care of, each and every day  every day I show up. Really, it's the adults I take care of the most, and the little ones that need some extra lovin'.  I really really love what I do-I am super passionate about caring for children. Yes, I know I said "passionate".  You all should be ashamed of yourselves.
Anyways-you all know I made some personal resolutions.  If you are keeping score like a good mentally ill OCD person should, I currently have completed 2 of the 10: I fired a doc or two, and have made some progress on the one where I delegate more at work.

Work.  Really, I love what I do.  And, I'm better at it, each and every year.  Being doped up on meds has helped some, too, but not because I'm cooler when I'm loaded, all, "dude.  Totally.  Your drool is like, super bad, man".  But because my baseline is more chill. I can relax more, which makes me work better with babies.  But I digress, this post is not about how presciption meds make children more fun.   Although, maybe it should be...

At work, I have managed to delegate much of what I do.  I work with two amazing chicas that handle the day-to-day aspects: enrollment, communication, staff management, etc. I still do a lot of written communication, and head a committee that handles fundraising and parent events. And the bookkeeping.  I may not be great with math, I may leave a little to be desired when it comes to doing the books, but I wouldn't have it any other way. why? Because the fastest way to financial ruin is entrusting your livelihood to someone who doesn't need it to eat.  So, whether I'm good or bad at doing the books, at least if we starve I can take full responsibility. I have help-my mom was a bookkeeper for most of her adult life, and maths quite well. Sky King is not too shabby either.  And most of the vendors I use are aware of my health issues, and give me a friendly reminder when the coffers get low.  They are super awesome like that. And we have a CPA.  Which gets me to one of my 2012 business goals: being more prepared for tax time.
Typically, I wait until late March, and then I go through and balance all the accounts from the past 7 months (yes, Mom, I know you taught me better than that). I gather receipts for deductions like, oh, I dunno, out-of-pocket medical expenses (can I get a ka-ching?) and such, all to be zipped off to people that try to make sure my refund is slightly less than what is costs to put it all together.
This year, I want to be different: I want to branch out.
For the new year, I wanted to accomplish two things: to create an operations manual that outlines all the things I do, and how to do them if I choose to sit at home and cheat on my diet instead of run payroll, and to get my taxes turned in to the CPA before April 15th. 

Which leads to me this:

This is a Snow Buddies Promo bag, filled with receipts and statements.  Being the sole shareholder of a Corporation means that this pile of papers must become some semblance of an organized set of data. And being bad ass, I'm totally going to do this.  Before April 15th.  And before Sky King finds out.

That's how I roll.

How are your resolutions going?

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