Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What Fibro Fog Is REALLY Like

This is a stream-of-consciousness post about my internal thoughts and dialog, relating to you what my brain goes through in full fibro-fog...enjoy!
:::smartphone chimes:::
Oh!  I need to go take my meds!
(get up to go to the kitchen)
Oooooh.  What a pretty picture the screensaver on the computer chose.  It reminds me of that place I wanted to go for Spring Break with the kids next year.  What was the name? San-something.  I better look it up before I forget.
:::type, type, type:::
Hey!  I have 18 new messages. I better check them in case there is something important in them.  Crap!  My cell phone bill is overdue, they plan to shut it off tomorrow. I better go into my account and transfer some funds to cover....
:::read, read, read, type, type, type:::
Oh, that reminds me, I should start a blog post about that crazy guy I saw at the mall with the nose rings and the Chihuahua.
:::change webpage, type, type, type:::
Oh, I was waiting to hear back from my friend about when we can get together for lunch, I better check Facebook to see if she has responded!
Look at that!  My favorite restaurant is giving 3 Facebook fans a gift card for $10 if they "like" a post!
:::Like, Like, Like:::
I wonder if they have a certified gluten-free menu yet?
:::click, click, click:::
Wow, that risotto looks good.  Maybe I can find a recipe and make it for dinner.
:::Navigate, navigate, navigate:::
A good recipe, let's see.  I have rice, mushrooms, fennel.  Do I have coriander?  I better check.
:::gets up, goes to cabinet:::
:::rummage, rummage, rummage:::
Look at this! Three bottles of syrup. What a waste of space.  I better combine them.
:::pour, pour, pour:::
(hears beeping sound)
What is that?  Oh, the timer.  Crap!!! Forgot about the boiled eggs.
(Goes over to stove, sees that eggs are all cracked and seeping out of shells.)
Monkey Boy: "Mom, what's for dinner tonight?"
Me: "I don't care.  Grab a Hot Pocket.  And some applesauce for the vitamins.  And milk. "
(cools eggs in sink with ice, with the plan to turn it into egg salad for kids' lunch tomorrow)
(Walks to bathroom to *ahem* "use" it.)
(Walks back to kitchen, then into family room, sits down to read a book. Realizes I don't have glasses, gets up to look for them. Goes into kitchen. Spies pill container that I thankfully left out, instead of putting away. Takes medication 2 hours late. Cleans up maple syrup mess on counter, throws two empty maple syrup containers into recycle. Goes back to couch. Sits down.)
(Gets back up to look for glasses again, sees cup by pill container, fills with water, puts down to look for glasses. Walks to bedroom.)
Princess: "Mom, can you do that braid thing with my hair?"
Me: "Sure, lemme get a brush and the detangler."
(Goes into hallway, sees glasses on Monkey Boy's desk, thinks, "I must yell at Monkey Boy for taking my glasses-I wouldn't have left them here!".)
(Goes and sits back down with book AND glasses.)
(Gets back up, goes into kitchen, grabs glass of water I poured 30 minutes ago. Goes back to couch area, stops to check Facebook real quick.)
:::click, click, click:::
:::reply, update status, comment on status, comment on photo:::
:::surf, surf, surf:::
:::check email:::
:::respond, respond, respond:::
I better get to bed, I'm tired.
Gosh, why am I so hungry? What did I eat for dinner? What was it that I made? :::sigh:::  I forgot to eat. I better grab a Larabar, and get the kids into bed.
(Princess comes out sobbing)
Princess: "Mommy, why didn't you come back?"  :::chin quivers:::
Me:  "Oh, sweetie, I'm sorry. Let me read you a story to make it up to you, c'mon, let's go snuggle."

And that, my friends,  is how I go to sleep hungry, and wake up with no working cell phone.

UPDATE: The day I write this blog, I was inspired to write it as my alarm went off, reminding me to take my pills at 5pm.  Thankfully, I checked my pill container before I went to bed at 10:30-I had failed to take them, blogging had sidetracked me. I can't make this shit up, folks.

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