Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Be Nice to Your Man

I'm hear to tell you that, if you have a good guy, it is important to be nice.  I don't mean, "Hey, honey, want me to grab you some Taco Bell on my way home from getting a mani-pedi?".  I'm talking, "Sheesh, I don't know, where would YOU  like to go on vacation this year?".

Ya know why? He deserves it.  He puts up with YOU, of all people, and we all know how taxing that can be.  He tolerates your family.  He gave you cute-if not completely strange and annoying-children.  He sometimes cooks. He always takes the garbage to the curb.  He doesn't booze it up with his friends---on week nights. He thinks you're funny, and that your squishy belly is sexy (he might be lying, but so what? He cares enough to tell the lie, That's true love, my friends.)

And, you may not realize it, but he subconsciously keeps score.  For each twenty you win, he expects to win one. So let him pick the vacation. Make sure he gets his favorite pie at Thanksgiving. Wear the slutty dress he likes so much (don't go crazy, though. Only wear it when you are sure you won't run into anyone you know, or are too drunk to care). That way, when you whine about needing more wine, he will gladly jump up and refill your glass.
And, he also vaguely remembers that two glasses of wine makes you just tipsy enough to give him some lovin'.

Why?  He's worth it.  Totally, completely worth it.

And when the vacation sucks, you can blame him.

See? Win-win.

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