Friday, September 30, 2011

Monkey Boy's Palate

I am a big one for healthy food, as you might have noticed.  However, I, as most moms are, am concerned about whether my children will grow up to appreciate good food, have a sophisticated palate.  Princess, especially, worries me, as most of her favorite foods come in "nugget" form.  I have good reason to be concerned-Sky King chooses cereals by how many words they misspell (think "froot" or "choco-flav-r") and sticks to the middle part of the store, wandering to the edges only for celery for bloody marys and whipped cream for ice cream sundaes. Oh, and the wine and beer are on the perimeters.
Monkey Boy, however, just jumped to the top of my "proud mama" list. A few nights ago, I had prepared dinner-some sort of meat (fish, chicken, whatev) then a fresh fruit, I believe it was cantaloupe, and a mixed veggie dish.  Now, I had picked up a few bags of frozen veggies to hold us over when I don't have time to steam veggies.
The kids had scooped their food onto their plates, and were contently, if not quietly, eating.  The usual banter was going on-people joking, talking about their days, MB teasing P mercilessly. Then, MB says, "This broccoli is nasty.  Why can't we just have steamed broccoli?"  I take a bite of my veggies, and notice they have some seasoning on them. I get the package and find that I had inadvertently picked a veggie mix that had seasoning, which I normally don't do. What I usually do is steam stuff plain, and serve it, without salt or butter, hoping the veggies speak for themselves.  I hadn't really thought about it and I had never noticed that MB had never salted his veggies.

I beamed!
I was so happy, I wanted to put cookies in his lunch.  I didn't though, because the staff at his school would judge me.  And you KNOW I hate to be judged by my food choices.

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