Friday, September 9, 2011

R and R

On a regular basis, I try to focus on the wonderful aspects of a crappy disease. No, really.

For instance,  we have some amazing friends, that have other amazing friends, that kindly lend out their beautiful Tahoe condo.
So, instead of weighing in and going to yoga, I wisked my daughter off to the mountains with our friends, who have a daughter as well-the girls are very close.
We arrive, have a dinner,  and settle in for the night.
The next morning after breakfast I take the girls on a walk up the shoreline to collect shells and feathers (and bottle caps, broken toys, and chunks of styrofoam-after all, it IS Princess...). I then get to sit and enjoy what Princess called the "peaceful calm" of beautiful Lake Tahoe.

If I hadn't gotten sick, I would be at work, running around until 3, then hit a couple errands on the way home. Then, dinner out, and on to the weekend plans, which would NOT include sports for the kids, because we wouldn't have time.
By Sunday, my family would be exhausted with frayed nerves, but I  would not have noticed, because while they were complaining, I would have been in the garage cycling loads of laundry in between activities.

Instead, I'm sitting in the sun, happy to supervise shell collecting, swimming, scootering and a gorgeous backdrop.

Without the clouds, I would have missed all this silver lining.

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