Sunday, September 18, 2011

Don't Judge a Person by Their Shopping Cart-Especially if It's Me

We all do it-while waiting in line to pay for the piles of grub for your clan, you peer into the baskets in front of you and the stuff from the people in front of you.

Some of it it innocent-what if they discovered a new Lean Cuisine that you missed? Maybe there was a coupon on the milk, maybe you might be reminded that you forgot tampons (what, your android phone didn't remind you???).

But really, we are looking to judge everyone else.  We silently compare our green leaf lettuce against their iceberg, our 100% juice against the Capri suns, their Pop tarts to our organic wheat flakes.  And while we stuff it all into reusable bags and wheel it to the swagger wagon, we know we are better than they are.  We know they are going home with their generic cheese puffs, frozen meat bits and Wonder bread to a house full of Natural-Light-Beer-Swilling husbands, and ragamuffin filthy children clamoring for Little Debbie moon pies. We are serene in our pious contentment, bringing home bags full of healthy produce that spans the rainbow along with fresh fish full of Omega Fatty Acids. Our organic 1% milk glows angelically while the whole grain pasta does pirouettes for the cream-on-top maple yogurt.

Until we go camping.

Then, the greasy belt is piled high with jerky, cup-o-soups, S'mores makings, pringles (what are they even made out of?), Lucky Charms, cheap hot dogs, OK! Magazines, gatorades and wine coolers.  And all I can think of is screaming at the top of my lungs, "I'M ON A VACATION!!!! I USUALLY FEED MY KIDS GRASS FED LEAN MEATS!!! I SWEAR!!!!"

That's when I realize just how much I NEED the upcoming vacation.

And I run back for an extra box of Chablis.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS I can so relate to this. Pringles are healthy though, not just for camping. They are made with few ingredients and isn't potato listed first ;)

  2. Finally had a chance to read this. It's no surprise that you're witty as hell, Ms. Aimee. I love your sense of humor!