Friday, September 14, 2012

Hopes, Dreams, and Mud. Who's In?

Being all responsible and bad-ass, I plan for the future.  It must be the successful business woman in me.

Also, I have had a few tastes of what things were like, back when I could engage in physical activity and shit.  You know, when I didn't spend 3 days recovering on the couch, over an afternoon of frivolity.  Yes, I am aware I am delusional. 

But join me in my mental illness, when I say, I'm fucking done.  DONE.

So, in the interest of being all, "mind-over-matter-y", I'm looking ahead, to when I am better.  BETTER better.  Not just, kinda better. But really, sink-your-teeth-into-fun-stuff better. Binge-drinking and gluten-eating better.  Run around burning the candle at both ends better.

I have really REALLY been admiring this billboard in town for something that has the words, "5K" and "Mud" in the sign.  Seriously.  

But being all logical and shit, I am planning for the waaaaaaaay distant future.  Like, in a year? Trust me, for a recovering over-achiever, this is epically far from now.

Yep.  I want to do one of those fun, dress-up-crazy, get half-tanked, run around like fools, slide through nasty ass mud, 5Ks.  For reals. I walked one, once, with a bunch of chubby bitches for Weight Watchers (fat lot of good it did me, though). Why couldn't I run-ish one?

Who's in? I've got me, and Sky King.  Any other takers, Fall of 2013, in the Sacramento region?  We could do it as a group, with obnoxious LYME GREEN tanks.  And maybe we could all carry spoons?

Stop being all chubby, schlubby, and jiggly
Start moving beyond the current circuit training of to the couch---> to the potty---> to the fridge
Get off medications that keep me out of sunlight
Stop experiencing copious amounts of joint and muscle pain

Keep track of my progress, here at FFW, by following me, on the right-hand side of this page, right about here....

Or, knock some sense into my head.  Either one, really.

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