Friday, September 7, 2012

The One Where I Try To Learn Something New

With me, my Lyme Disease is heavy in the neurological problems.  For instance, I can't learn something new like how to put my IKEA purchase together in 485 EZ steps.  I can't seem to process information enough to discern what I am actually supposed to do with the information. Reading legal docs?  Not happenin'.

I suppose it's a lot like being a complete dipshit.  Without the drool, though.  Usually.

So, Sky King signed up to be the photog for our son's Midget Football team.  No, our son is not a midget, but he plays in a league that names 14 year olds after little people.  I know, I know.  Maybe it should be the Little People Football League?  But then, people might think it's a bunch of Fischer Price toys out there. Which would be even weirder than a bunch of 5 foot ten inch midgets. 

Where was I?

Right, learning something new.

To upload some of the photos, I can do one of several things:
  • (Oh, bullet points, I have missed you so!) 
  • Download them to a disk, and pass it to someone at football that gives a shit
  • Upload them, one by one, to the Facebook "Like" page (Hint:  NOT happening)
  • Figure out an amazeballs way to put them all together, then upload that wonderful project in all its glory, to the amazement of dozens, becoming a legend
I decided on that last one.  Which meant that I had to figure out how to do that, outside of Microsoft Word, the one program I knew before I grew stupid.

So I perused, searched, travelled through the internets, looking for the perfect program. First, I searched, "online photo collage free upload Facebook". You may notice I don't put my words in the right order.  I'm not sure it matters, and I certainly don't care. Fuck correct order.

I tried out Photospills.  Problem?  I can only do one, there seems to be no way to add words, and I would have to pay for it to truly use the features I want to try out.  That was a 10 minute download I'll never get back.

Then I found Smilebox.  Which is NOT about happy vajayjays.  :::disappointment:::

What it is, is malware.  It uploaded some shitty extra favorites toolbar crap, and then when I figured out how to remove it, it did it AGAIN.  So I had to give it to Sky King, for him to fix.  Grrrr, malware.   And, it changed my start page.  Sneaky bastards.

Then, I watched most (baby steps, people!) of a YouTube video on how to work Picasa to do a collage.  Got bored.  Also? No text options.  :::sigh:::

Then, I thought, maybe I will use Word.  I know how it works.  But I realized I would not have good blog fodder.  :::bigger sigh:::

So back to the Google, I go.

I then went to Shutterfly, which I have used to make albums that are awesome.  I couldn't find what I needed there, and proceeded to expose my children to more bad words than Sky King thought possible.  I don't do well when things are difficult, irritating, or not going my way.  So, onto a new search:  "online scrapbook page sharing".

PiZap.  Holy mother of all that is full of photog goodness!  I uploaded the photos, quick as snot, put a fancy boarder on, filled in some text, then BOOM!  Happy me.

The neat thing about this photo is this:
Sky King was playing with the camera that we still don't know how to use (gimme a break, it's only been 3ish years), and we had it on sport mode, which takes a bunch of photos quickly.  He captured the entire play from leaving the pocket, throwing, a great catch and the touchdown signal from the ref!  Couldn't have planned it better. See why it had to be spectacular?

Phew.  My brain hurts.  I feel bad for the guy that called me in the middle, asking if I had "just a minute" to hear about Prop 32 or some such shit.  I usually listen, but I said, "Sorry, it's late in the day, I can't handle any more info or my head will explode", he responded with, "Vote no, then". Smart man.  Done.

After it was all said and done, some awesome person I'm friends with uploaded all his stuff to photobucket through Facebook, which probably does what I want.  Whatevs, asshole.

I figured something out, no one was unnecessarily stabbed, and apparently I'm voting "NO" on something important.  That's a big-ass WIN in my book.

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