Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Who Am I? Or, The One Where I Link A Bunch Of Other Awesome Posts...

I'm not special.  I'm just a regular(ish) person.  I have a family; I have two awesome (most of the time) kids.  They push me to be my best when I don't wanna.  I have a wonderful PATIENT husband.  He puts up with my mouth, my attitude.  My swearing.  Oh, GAWD, the swearing. I put up with his gassy ass.  It works.

But seriously, I have met some cool ass motherfuckers on these here interwebs.  Some have health problems like me, some don't.  We all seem to struggle, and find ways to make fun of those struggles.  Which is why I blog.  Because I'm sick of struggling, alone.  I mean, I have great support, THE BEST, really.  But it's not quite the same as someone who struggles the same way.

Some people like to mull things over, work it out internally, keep it in, pretend it isn't there.  I am NOT that kind of person.  I'm fine with them---to each their own when it comes to how we deal with the shit hands we are dealt.  But I need to connect.

Sometimes it's the shit that makes you the maddest, that inspires you.  Lyme disease inspired me.  It inspired me to put myself out there.  All of it---the ugliness, the trials and tribs, the irritation, the depression, the pain, the hurt, the confusion.  ALL of it.

 I have always been a big talker.  And I love attention.  Like a whore that is too chatty.

But, I have a penchant for "putting it all out there---" no matter what "IT" is.  And, I don't care.

That's not true---I do care.  I care enough to share.  HAHA!

Everyone in RL jokes with me---"this is going on Facebook, right?"  or, "please don't blog this".  Why do I do it?

Because I can't stand the thought of others out there, suffering, with no one that understands to catch them when they fall.  They have to endure, day in and day out, without someone to drive them places, remind them to take their meds, keep them from doing too much.

Wanna stalk me?  There's always room for more stalker.  I openly encourage creepiness-your weird habits? Safe here.

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That's enough pandering/begging/whining for the day.  Now, go read some more amazing blogs!  I follow a ton, myself----check out my list. (It's somewhere here, I can't remember, and I'm too lazy to look right now.)

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