Friday, June 17, 2011

Tri and Stop Me

Three is a significant number in many cultures, religions, throughout history. It's all around us in stunning significance. Think about it:

The Holy Trinity
The third eye
Three musketeers
Beginning, middle, end
Three phases of the moon
Birth, life, death
Moe, Larry, Curly
Triple bacon cheeseburger

All significant, right?

Well, 3 is becoming significant for me as well, effective immediately.

My wonderfully observant husband has noticed that the more I do, the more stressed I am. The more stress, the more pain. The more pain, the more I complain and make everyone wish I would go far far away. It's a vicious cycle, and I live by it.

Not any more, apparently. Sky King is D. O. N. E.

I cannot obligate myself to more than 3 extra activities per week.

How did I do this to myself, you wonder. (No, you don't wonder that, because you know me, but I will tel you anyways.)

The past three weeks have been rough. Like gravel-in-the-panties rough. Let's recap:

::: traveling back in time three weeks ago:::

Monday-no work. BBQ with friends Tues-dr. appt, work, girl scout thing Weds-lunch with friends, pack for camping trip Thurs-dr. appt, leave for camping trip...2 adults, 4 kids, one cramped swagger wagon Fri-camping Sat-rain. Ditch camping, ditch family. Sun-major fibro flare, rest Mon-still flaring, dr appt, laundry from wet camping trip Tues-work, errands, last minute purchases for MBs class Weds-more laundry and errands, work, finish kids' yearbooks for classes Thurs-dr appt, work, pick up kids, blood work Fri- Weight watchers, completion ceremony for Princess Sat-swim party event for work Sun-run errands Mon-help Monkey Boy's class, more bloodwork, board meeting, bit of work Tues-work Weds-field trip for Princess, work for movie screening I coordinated Thurs-work, early father's day bbq, packing for weekend Fri-MB's 6th grade graduation, packing, my school graduation I have to MC, leave for in-laws See??? To quote one of my sister in laws, my busty life exhausts her. Me, too. No wonder I have struggled through a flare up this while period of time. I even toyed with telling my dr my meds weren't working. Duh. So,3 things. Not including work or spontaneous dinners. Unless the spontaneous dinners are stressful, or work involves an "event", good or bad. I wonder if sex is considered "work", or an "event"?

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