Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Swamp Ass

While my husband is usually quite Saint-like, occasionally he makes a misstep. And, as fabulous as he is in everything he does, his errors are fabulously huge as well.

When I was pregnant with Princess, (8 months, mind you) he came to my ob-gyn appointments.
As all you mommies know, the exam table is lined with that thin paper, and we are naked from the waist down, save for the fab paper gown.

The last month of my pregnancy was rough-I was on crutches because my sciatica was so bad, things were crappy.
I was hormonal, grumpy, huge. To top it off, I was in pain and had to readjust my body periodically. Each time I moved, that god-forsaken paper kept sticking to me.  My mistake was saying that.

Me: Arrrgh!  This dumb paper keeps sticking to me!
Him: That's cuz you have swamp-ass.

And yet, he still lives.

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  1. Oye. Does he have scars from that one?