Friday, June 10, 2011

Ant Asylum

Ok. I admit it. I HATE ANTS. my husband had some traumatizing experience as a could that makes him go completely NUTS when ants are around, but I usually protest his evil ways, citing issues with Raid, wanting to protect air quality, dismissing his irrational issues with the ants, whatever.
I'm getting over it though. Shhh. SK may hear and jump up from his computer, sensing a weakness in my resolve. But, I am starting to HATE HATE HATE ants.
I might just let him go all murder death kill on their little any asses (ant thoraxes?)-us gotta love a Demolition Man reference, right?

We have tried coffee grounds,  windex, removing every trace of possible food, nothing works.
Today on the way to the gym, we noticed yet another pest company vehicle parked at the neighbor's house.  It led to us surmising that the ants have fled to our home, seeking asylum from all our neighbors' murderous ways.

I'm weakening.

I'm itchy, I think I feel them crawling on me even when they are not, and I hate the smell they leave when you squish ' em. Yep, it's true-it's the smell of ant fear, and it's an awful chemical smell.


My resolve against poison is failing miserably, and I need some more home remedies, STAT.

Incidentally, is it worse to mass-murder ants, or let the 12 year old "accidentally" take out the early-rising woodpecker that has moved into the neighborhood?

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