Saturday, June 11, 2011

In the Weeds

Sky King and I like to get into TV series that have their episodes on DVD. We Netflix them, and usually watch too many episodes in a night. It started with The Sopranos. Then, there was Six Feet Under.  Dexter. United States of Tara and Weeds.  The most recently completed season of Weeds came out recently, and we jumped it to the top of our queue.
This the the best thing about not having premium cable channels, and not having Tivo, DVR's, etc. We get to watch an entire lifespan of a show through a 3-day weekend.  Not that we would-only trolls lay in bed all day, ordering pizza, and watching a show over and over and over, becoming so completely obsessed with it that the separation between the TV fantasy world and reality get a bit fuzzy.  Nope, none of that here.
But, if I did do that, and so did my husband, it probably would have been one of the things that brought us together, long ago in our college years.
But I digress....
Anyways, I have waxed poetic about the strange wonderfulness of the United States of Tara-the paralells between SK and Max, the creepy wallpaper that I MUST HAVE from Season 1, the cat-butt magnets, here. I have not, however, told you about Weeds. It rocks.  My friend over at Quest for Skinny Pants knows this.  I know this. But, do you know this?
Well, I'll tell ya.  It's about a mom who loses her husband, and struggles to maintain some semblance of normalcy for her two sons in their suburban Southern CA community.  By selling pot to soccer moms and bored dads. Hilarity and hijinks ensue.  Check it out.
Anyways (do I do that a lot?), the other night we had the new season disc 1.  We had watched a few the night before. how many? We don't know, we are in denial that we stayed up way too late watching it. So, we pop it in, and go to the "episode selection" screen. This is where we look at each other and share a look. You know the look-the one you share when you both realize that the baby just pooped, and you are both in denial, secretly trying to figure out who changed the last one so you can rest easy? Well, this look said-"crap. I think we watched 4 the other night. Which means, there is only 1 left. Damn."
We watch it, we love it. It leaves us hanging, wanting more, as only a good series will. And we slowly turn the DVD player off, defeated.
In silence, we scan the channel guide, looking for something to fill the void.
A recent network (not sure which one, keeping track of that crap is Sky King's job) has begun showing episodes of Weeds-we come across it, and click on it, figuring at least we would get to watch the people we longed to see, even through re-runs.

Much much rejoicing. The karmic gods of the world want us to be happy. We have done good. Maybe it was the squirrel I tried so hard to avoid. Maybe SK recycled something for once, instead of sneaking it all into the garbage can when I'm not looking. Whatever the reason, we have been blessed by the TV Gods.

We love it, extra. Because it was that special.

The next night, we had just unloaded the children into bed, and we are in total grown-up relax mode (don't worry, it will come for everyone, someday...) and the channel-surfing has begun. SK is heating up some leftovers, I'm in remote control (which almost NEVER happens).

Then, in highlighted blue text, WEEDS.  Is that even possible?  We don't dare look for the brief synopsis, no one can be that lucky. I click on it, just for kicks.


Seriously, by this time, I'm thinking it is time to buy a lottery ticket, maybe make a $1000 cash offer on that awesome home we have been drooling over on craigslist, something.

But, that would just be greedy, wouldn't it?


  1. Art saw the listing but I wouldn't let him watch them because we're still in season 3! Anal much?

  2. That is not anal. It would be awful to miss out on big things, and be like, "Hey, wait, when did THAT happen? I'm lost!" And you would miss out on good ganja fabulousness!

  3. Not that I know what that means, anyways. Ganja. What IS that?????