Thursday, June 2, 2011

GFCF yummyness, #2

Here is an update to all the wonderful GFCF food that is available:

Trader Joe's has these amazing sausages in their meat department. They have an Italian one, a Jalepeno one, and an apple one. They are wonderful, because they are low-fat, only 3 WW points each-also, they are casing free, so they don't contain pork. I keep them in my freezer, and take them to BBQs when I don't know what is being served, just in case. And, the kids don't like them, so they are safe to have on hand, and will be there when I need them!

TJS dark chocolate truffle bar-Once again, Trader Joe's to the rescue. These are FAB FAB FAB, when you need some serious chocolate.  Seriously.

Lundberg Bean and rice chips-pico de gallo, and Santa Fe BBQ.  Wow. These go quick, so hide them from those that are not worthy.

Andean dream quinoa pasta-this is so far my favorite pasta-cooks up nice, stays firm-ish, doesn't get too mushy, and tricks even the conservative-est nutjobs.

Smart balance Light, Original with Flax-I used to be I Can't Believe It's Not Butter-Light junky.  This stuff is good, with no creepy aftertaste. The whole fam will eat it, which means the fridge isn't quite so Berlin Wall-ish. (My food being the oppressed communist crap)

Larabars-cashew cookie, cherry pie, carrot cake, pb and J, coconut cream pie. All of them. Great to stash in the car for emergencies, and you don't feel guilty. They are pricey, so watch for coupons and sales at Raley's. Each bar has between 2 and 5 ingredients. Seriously!

Artisana Raw Cacao Bliss-Once again, a biggie for splurges. Smear it all over the S'moreables graham crackers, and shovel into mouth. Repeat.

S'morables Graham Crackers-by Kinnickinnick (or something like that?).  They also crumble into graham crumbles for crusts. 1 WW point apiece, too!

Cauliflower cream sauce-Yummm! Lots of work, but worth it. See the link for the recipe.

GFCF chex mix-I make it myself, the kids love it. So do the neighbor kids. And their families. Yes, we are THAT house. Recipe is at the link, above.

For now, that should do. I will come up with more soon, as shopping is my favorite way to cope. Especially when I am shopping for chocolate.

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