Monday, September 24, 2012

The One Where I Almost Stab Myself in the Eye

It's Day 4 of the "eye twitching, dizziness, can't drive myself without fearing for the lives of others, want to poke my eyeballs out because they are so freaking annoying" episode.

Too vague?

Here's the deal. A couple weeks ago I had a day, til about 7:30 that night, where my eyes were funky.  They felt like they were doing that crazy cartoonish roll in the sockets that cartoon animals have happen whenever they get spun to fast, or fall off a cliff, or whatever.  Visually, however, nothing seems amiss.  It's just that, every time I move my eyes to look at something new like the keyboard to the screen then back again, or while I'm scanning for peril on the highway, I would get about 1-2 seconds of this feeling in my eye, joined with an amusing "whomp whomp" sound in my ears.

Truly, joy.

Then it stopped, and I was so thankful to not have creepy cartoon eyes.

Then it began again.  And hasn't stopped since.  It's Friday, and I'm getting DONE with it.

A little history:
When you have health problems of this magnitude, you are encouraged by your bevy of doctors to look shit up, so you can narrow problems down to WTF is the prob.  This is how this goes:

Google search:
  • eye problems Lyme disease
  • eye problems bartonella
  • eye problems cymbalta
  • eye problems ambien withdrawal
  • eye problems antibiotics
Then I get super fucking creative:
  • optic dizziness rifampin
Ding ding ding!!!!!!!

Rifampin, a serious motherfucker that is typically used for shit that's pretty damn hardcore (meningitis, TB) has been known to cause vision problems, as well as eye problems.

This means, come Monday, I have to call Dr. Lyme, (who, incidentally, WILL take my crazy ass call) and deal with the possibility that he might want me to ditch the Rifampin.  Sucks, because I feel better as a whole than I have in YEARS.  Which also means I have to up my treatment to work harder, which also means I won't be feeling great for long, so it goes.


But I also can't keep asking Sky King to drive me all over the place. Especially when I want to secretly try on boots we can't afford.


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