Saturday, March 3, 2012


I met my new Primary Care doc Friday.

I was told he's always running late.  Waaaaay late.  Because he spends more than 15 minutes with his patients. I decided to give him a try.

I was brought back to the exam room after an hour and 20 minute wait.  Which worked out, because i hadn't caught up on the 2010 issues of Family Circle.

First thing I noticed is his nurse used to be in pediatrics, and I loved her there.  A step in the right direction.

Then, he came in, looked over my records, including all the test results I had brought, and talked to me about what was going on.

I explained I needed to transfer care because Dr. Lyme wasn't handling my pain meds, or my Cymbalta.  We also talked about sleep meds, and he was shocked I was given Mirtazapine for sleep when I have a history of trying to lose weight. 

He went over all my test results, and wanted to do some more.  Fine by me-giving blood doesn't bother me in the least. 

He seemed fine with my treatment with Dr. Lyme, didn't question it.  When he saw I was taking 5000IU of vitamin D, he said, "well clearly that's the amount you need, because it raised your levels to a normal range.  And with your health problems, we really need to shoot for ideal ranges, rather than bare minimums".  I could have kissed him!

So many doctors follow the RDA guidelines for vitamins.  But the RDA was created to help reduce death by malnutrition.  So it was refreshing to meet someone that has obviously taken an interest in learning all he could about nutrition beyond the minimum requirements.

The last thing he said to me was, "It's been a rough couple years, hasn't it?"  If I wasn't so hopped up on anti-depressants, I might have gotten teary.  It was so validating to have a doctor, who is usually constricted by insurance company protocols, to acknowledge what it might be like to be me.  He didn't doubt me, question whether I was exaggerating, nothing.  And the best part?

If he turns out to not be able to help me much, I already have another doctor in line to make my primary!

I feel like I'm turning a corner!

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