Friday, March 9, 2012

New and Improved Bucket List

Does a bucket list have to be stuff you plan to do before you die?

Mine is stuff I want to do when I get well.

1. Get my Master's (so I can teach at the Community College)
2. Become a Love and Logic Parenting Trainer
3. Travel (to places where I can withstand walking long distances, and eating what I wish without suffering)
4. Play sports with my family

Suspiciously absent is "clean my house".

It's amazing what I used to take for granted.

I suppose the important part is the "when" I get well.  See? Therapy works. Thank goodness for good insurance. I would be an emotional bitter wreck without it. 

What should you do, before you lose the chance? Or, what do you regret not doing when you had the chance?

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