Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Guest Post

Today, my sweet little Princess said, Mom, can I make a blog, too?"  And I responded with, "Sure, I will let you be a guest poster, and you can write whatever you want."

So here it is, complete with all her own words.  Don't judge her by the content or the errors, she comes from bad stock.


today   is    my    bd     and      i       want      to      make      it       really      special      by      making      it   all     with     my     family      we     saw     the     lorax     it     was     soooooo     funny     and     we     ate      candy     popcorn    and     i      drank      an      icee      and      after     we     ate    redrobin     i     ate    macaroni   and    cheese     with    a    side    of     broccoli      after     i       ate      a     group     of           cooker's      sang    me     a      song     then    some     lady    came     over    with     a       tray     of     drink's      and      a   man    behind     here     and      bumped     into    here      and      the    drink's      fall      on       my     mom     and     then      my      stupid    bother      spilled     blue     cheese       all     over     mom     and     i       said     this     is      not     you'r     day      so      i      went     home     watched     tv       and      went      to      bed.     so     there     you     have      it        my     big      day.

(Here is a picture she is particularly proud of:)

Now, she would like to tell you some things she is incredibly proud of:

dear     mom       i        can       lick        my         elbow.   and       i       can        turn           my          foot         around        oh'     and       my        hand.    i       can       sing        really         good         and      i     am        an         amazing          artist.        and         i          can         eat        3           scoop's         of        icecream.    

Enjoy your day!

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