Friday, March 2, 2012

Regurgitated Soup and the Throat of Flames

Dr. Lyme upped my Doxycycline to 200 mg, twice per day. Also, even though the bottle says, "Take with food", he wants me to take it an hour and a half after a meal so my stomach is almost empty, but not so empty I feel sick.  The reasoning behind this is he wants the Doxy in my blood at very high levels, because I haven't had any symptoms reduce since beginning treatment.

It made sense, and he said I was welcome to take a dose upon waking, to see what he means by, "feeling sick".  I, for once, said, "Ya know, I'm going to take your word on that one."  See? you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

I started the new dosing Monday night.  No problems, except some that I'm too ladylike to mention. Not really, but I will save that juicy detail for another post.  :::snicker::: I said, "juicy".  Haha.

Then today, I had to run an unexpected errand in the morning. I left home without my drugs. I had eaten at 8, and needed to take my pills around 9:30. So, I took them as soon as I got home, about 10:15.  Unfortunately, I was already getting hungry (I'm used to eating 6 small meals per day.  And by "6 small meals", I mean, "breakfast, a snack of fruit, lunch, some sort of snack I shouldn't have that I eat too much of, dinner, and some sort of dessert that I ALSO should not eat". Shut up.)

I shoveled all my pills in, in three increments, followed by a shit ton of water, which is roughly a large tumbler, normally used for Mojitos.  Then I went about my chores, still trying to get settled in the new place.  Laundry to cycle, stuff to move to new places, things to put on the stairs for the kids to take up later (I'm no sucker.  And I'm chubby.)

I decided I had let the pills enjoy free tummy reign, so it was into the kitchen for some super fab corn-crab-shrimp chowder my parents had made the night before (and bestowed upon us once for dinner and a container for lunch today---thanks, folks!).  My mouth was watering and I was so hungry I felt shaky and overly hot. Definitely chow time!

As I was eating my soup, I had to remove my sweatshirt because I was getting too hot. Then, as I brought the 4th spoonful to my lips, I realized I didn't feel well.

I knew this is what Dr. Lyme meant, so I set the soup down. Sky King came over and was concerned. When he saw I wasn't foaming at the mouth or spewing blood, he knew I was okay. He also took this as a sign to finish my soup.

He brought over a banana and a tangerine. I ate a tangerine section carefully. The look on my face made Sky King remove the food, and come back with a bowl.

I assured him I wasn't going to be sick, that I just had to wait for the ickys to pass.

I was wrong. (Sky King, note that on the calendar.)

I was forcibly separated from my soup. Several times. I finally made it to the toilet, to finish up.

The shittiest part? I had to keep checking to make sure there were no whole pills that I would have to re-take.

And now my throat hurts from retching.  And corn-shrimp-crab soup sounds awful.

Throat Coat tea and a How It's Made marathon for this Lyme-y.

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