Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The One Where Princess Changes the Course of the English Language

I'm still recovering physically from a vacation (poor me...) so my typing skills are limited.  I have lots coming down the internets to you, though, so hang in there.  However, I had something entirely too hilarious not to share.

Princess, as you may have already surmised from her various exploits like climbing into a crane game, and being over-exuberantly truthy, can be quite a character. The other day, however?  She topped herself-which you think would be close to impossible.

Right on the heals of an "Incident Report" for asking people to spell "I Cup" during morning circle, she proved her ever-expanding brain, by creating a new word.

I imagine this word will soon be creeping into the lexicon of the American people complete with a reference in Urban Dictionary.  (Urban Dictionary?  Call me.  I can help with the definition.)  I'm seriously considering trademarking the word, so that we can begin her bail fund trade school fund art supply fund college fund every time someone utters her amazing new word.

Before I share, you must know the word, "Shart".   This is a word that every 12-year-old boy must know, in order to successfully complete puberty.  It is a combination of "shit" + "fart", explaining what happens when you try to excrete a small amount of intestinal gas, only to find out that what you thought was the urge to pass gas is actually a surprise poop.  Sharting typically results in the changing of your undies.  Someone else once described it to Sky King as "a failure of the shit/fart separator valve".  I'm sure The Oatmeal is currently working on a graphic as we speak...

Princess knows this word.  Primarily because she lives with a 12-year-old boy, who relishes teaching her inappropriate things.  Not only does Princess know this word, but she uses it correctly.  We are so proud.


We are driving down the road, and Princess is in rare typical form:

Princess:  I'm hilarious today. 
Me: Yep.
Princess: Hey, Mom.  I made up a word. Wanna hear it?  :::giggle, snicker:::
Me: :::sigh::: Of course.
Princess:  "Shabart".  It's when you shart, burp and fart, all at the same time.  You know, like, "Eeew, I think brother just shabarted.  He should check his underwears."


Me, to Sky King: I'm thinking another "Incident Note" is in our near future...

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