Tuesday, July 19, 2011

40 Winks

I have never been a napper.  As an adult, whenever I fell asleep I would wake up completely disoriented, not knowing the day or time.  It was very disconcerting, and I never got the recharge others seemed to get from it. 

However, this was all before insomnia became my new bestie.  Well, not really a bestie, more like one of those annoying friends that hangs out and follows you, like that little dog in the cartoon from back in the day that would jump over the bulldog's back, yapping, "Well, Spike, watcha wanna do, Spike, huh Spike, Huh?". 
Anyways.  Insomnia.  So, on nights when I toss and turn, Sky King is adamant that I go lay down.  And not just the "zone out on the couch with my eyes kinda closed" kind of laying down. He means, in the bed, lights out, drapes closed, under the covers, no cell phone (gasp!!!).  And, I always fall asleep, and  I am learning to wake up appreciative.  Now, when I see children snuggling up for a 3 hour snooze fest, I get jealous.

Sometimes, a 1-hour recharge is just enough to reset my brain.

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