Sunday, July 31, 2011

Things I Do In My Free Time

OK.  Now that I am not allowed to go to work very much, or do anything fun, (See my post where Sky King bans me from fun stuff here) I have had to find things that I can do that don't conflict with me giving up stress as a habit.

It took me a WHILE.

But, with the help of my good pal J, I found a whole bunch of AWESOME on the internet.  And, I'm going to share.

Bloggess.  She is amazing, she is my new best friend. I haven't told her yet, but she will be totally cool with it, 'cuz she is psycho (in a good way) and weird and irreverent---whatever that means.

And, she has a HUGE metal chicken named Beyonce'.  Which gave me a slight case of here worship.
I got over it for a spell, then she went and bought the most wonderful monkey.  It was stuffed, and had a funk-ified snout.  How come the only things I find at thrift stores are stretchy skirts?  Not only is she my new best friend, but I certainly will never miss a day of shopping with her.

Now, I want a monkey.

Real, or stuffed.  But, if it is stuffed, I will sneak it into the house and position it in strange places all over the house, with the goal of freaking out the family.  In fact, it really doesn't have to be a monkey.  Any animal will do.

You can learn to love Bloggess like I do, here.

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