Monday, July 25, 2011

Excuse me, Sir, but have you seen my cognitive function?

I have become forgetful. OK, I used to do too much, and sometimes things would fall by the wayside, but this is ridiculous.
I have forgotten to close the garage door, I have left my phone at home (yes, seriously), my purse at home, my hair has gone unbrushed, I have put underwear on inside out.
I forget words that typically would have come easy to me before (BF= before fibro) and have had to pantomime, or say, "you know, the thing that fits into the thing".
I put things away in the wrong place-I will find syrup in the fridge, butter in the pantry, cereal in with the bowls.
Most recently, I lost a salad. I know, I am quite skilled at even failing. Let me set the stage:
It's after dinner.  There is salad left over. So, I pull out my handy dandy stainless steel container (I'm weird about plastic containers, it turns out) and fill it with salad. But, I was talking to someone at the same time, and not giving the chopped veggies the attention they deserved.
The next day, no salad. I looked high and low, in both fridges. It's gone. And so is the expensive container.  Pretty soon, I won't even want to find it.  (UPDATE-found it!!!!  Under some other salad.  Right where I put it, I am sure.)

Also recently, I lost the car key.  While camping.  It went like this:
Sky King: OK, I'm going over to the ocean, here is my wallet, cell phone, and the key.  (Why, oh why does he trust me like this? Has history not served him well???)
Me: Got it. :::puts wallet in glove box in car, puts cell phone on thingy that holds drinks and other crap between seats, key goes in pocket:::


Damn. Where's the key? We are running low on ice/fuel/S'mores ingredients, and I need to run to the local store before they close. 

So begins the search.  I search high and low, knowing that I have not gone far.  SK is still at the ocean, so he is no help, and would probably respond with a well-deserved eye-roll anyways.  SO. Not. Helpful. 

I check:
my pockets
the chair with the pocket in the side, by the fire-I had been reading
the table by the cooler full of water
the pocket inside the tent where it is SUPPOSED to be
my pockets (didn't I do that already?)
the other table
my purse, which is LARGE
my pockets (what if I missed it the first 2 times?)
my pockets again-I ran out of places to check. 

I sit, and sit and sit.  Then. 


I put lip balm on earlier!!!!  I hope..... I hope......

YES!!!!!!  There it is, in the bottom of the bath bag, next to the lip balm (of course) and the toothpaste. 


When is that neurology appointment?

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