Thursday, July 14, 2011

Best place to overstuff

My wonderful husband took me away to recharge. More on this later...
On our way, we went to some of our favorite places. This post is about my favorite.

Burma Superstar. 2 locations-Oakland and San Francisco. Worth the drive (no matter where you live). Its a cross between Thai and Indian. With a sprinkle of genius.

I started with a Thai Iced Tea. They speak Allergens here, and were happy to make it with soy.

Then, Fermented Tea Leaf Salad. I had to shovel it fast, or else my brain would know I was full, and I wouldn't have room for Nan Gyi Dok, which was also shoveled. And, wonton on the side, rice noodles.

I missed the Samusa soup, can't have gluten. So sad. My husband ate it on my behalf.  He's awesome like that.

My stomach hurts, but it was *so* worth it.

You know you do the same thing, don't judge.

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