Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Last Supper

After much thought (and the desire to avoid extra pain) I have decided to eliminate all nightshade vegetables.
This means :
No tomatoes
No eggplamt
No peppers
No potatoes

Really? Yes, really.  You see, nightshade vegetables are known as alkaloids, and can impact nerve-muscle function, as well as effect joint function.  In other words, no bueno for those of us with this wonderful connective tissue issues. (HA!  Tissue----issue.  Pretty clever for a chick with cognitive probs, right?)

What can I NOT have (to be added to the already exhaustive list of crap I don't eat anymore)
  • ketchup
  • salsa
  • hot sauce
  • tabasco
  • fries
  • potato chips (even the Lay's original, that seemed to not have any other things I can't have, and was kind of this great guilty pleasure for me)
  • stuff that has potato starch in it-gotta read those labels again!
Humph.  Double grrrrrrrrr.

This crap is getting old, seriously. 

With all the other foods I gave up, I had a "Last Supper" or sorts: Ben and Jerry were there, we partied.  Now, I'm thinking a major soiree with Red Robin French Fries as the guest of honor.  Or In n' Out.  Or Wendy's.  (Mc D's is out already-those little death sticks contain wheat AND dairy-do they make ANYTHING with whole foods????)

What would your Last Supper be?

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