Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Off-Putting Children

Each child has their own unique way of putting off the inevitable. (I won't get into my husband's way, where he says, "Okay", but then doesn't do it, and I forget about it, because I got the verbal cue and then.....damn.  I got into it....)

Princess:  "One Sec."  She uses this when she is rummaging for a snack, and I mistakenly direct her towards hair brushing, shoe-finding, or backpack stuffing.

The other child is just as bad.

Monkey Boy:  "Hold On."
This week, it was MB's packing for his 4-day field trip.  It started with me trying to get him to get his bath bag together. He would start towards the bathroom, stop, get caught up in something, then when I addressed him (with tons of patience, I might add) I got, Hold on. 
The next day, we talked about the need to finish packing.  He said, "And I bet you don't want any hold ons, right?"

Unless you want me to "Hold On" to your neck...

How do your children put you off? 

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