Monday, October 31, 2011

Support Ho's and Bro's

I am incredibly lucky.  Yes, I have some crummy health problems.  Yes, I struggle every day with SOMETHING that sucks. But (another HUGE Aimee but---hey, maybe my logo should be a giant ass---so when I am famous and sponsor stuff like the Olympics, they will have to put a picture of a giant butt on everything.........or, I need to lower some meds doses). Where was I?  Oh, yeah. A nice, genuine post.  That's right.  ::ahem:::

I have an awesome support system.

I have a great family-we are close, live close, and usually enjoy each other's company.  They love me and my husband (me having a husband means I'm not living with THEM, so they were thrilled when he came into the picture) and they spend lots of time schlepping around for my kids.  My brother shows up to play with the kids, telling us to go see something not rated G for once, my parents and sometimes their friends show up to sporting events, performances and other kid miscellany.  Most of it is a bit fun, but a lot LOUD.  And they seem to blend in with all our friends.  Which leads me to:

Friends.  I work with a great bunch of gals that regularly save me from myself.  Two of them run my business for me, and they are all kinds of awesome. They support me and make it look like I'm a together person (no easy trick!).
The moms and dads that I know through my daughter's Girl Scout Troop are pretty fab, too.  They know me, appreciate my quirks, and sometimes even encourage them. A strange lot, and they are led by the strangest-my co-leader.  She is a big ball of amazing, (sorry about the "big" reference, Miss J) and she inspires me all the time.
The parents at the kids' school are pretty awesome, too.  They are a great network, each offering to help the other. I know that, if I have a flare or a bad day, someone is only a quick text away to swoop in and hand-deliver my kiddos to me.
In fact, let me tell you a quick story:
Last week, I had two parties scheduled.  I know, I know, but I had RSVP'd in two different ways, and didn't look at the whole day when i scheduled them, so i didn't realize we had two parties on the same day.  Either way, Princess would not want to miss either one.  so, we were off.  I was having a rough morning.  Like a "stab the door with a giant knife while the family looked at me crazy" kind of morning.  i didn't really stab the door.  but I wanted to, and I guess that kind of crazy is hard to hide.  The fam was giving me a wide berth. Then, it was off to the bouncy place.  Holy crap.  I forgot how unbelievably insane those places were.
I walk in, and there are 3 moms that all know me very well.  Maddy takes one look at me, and is all, "Are you okay? You don't look good."  I'm all, "Meh.  Not feelin' it.  Think I'm gonna get out of here for a while".  She and Caroline are all, "Well, we can take her to the next party, and bring her back home, you just scoot."  The third mom piped in with, "I totally go by your house on the way home-I will drop Princess off".  I'm all, "Super! Peace out, homies.".  See?  Awesome.

Then, I have in-laws.  And, I have an unfair share of 'em.  Sky King comes from a mixed family----step, half, you name it.  There are even some as-good-as-family people like life-long friends and foreign exchange families.  It's a big clan---I have:
  • TWO sets of parent-in-laws
  • A couple grandmother-in-laws
  • 5 sister-in-laws
  • 2 brother-in-laws
  • Their spouses and children
  • Tons of cousin-in-laws we are close with
and much much much more.

You won't believe me when I say this: I get along with them all.  I actually seek out spending time with them, if you can believe that.  They all bring their own thing to the table, and I can't begin to tell you how unbelievably lucky I am that they are as wonderful as they are.

And that's it.  I am one lucky lady.  I have a whole menagerie of people that love and accept me, even when I am sitting on the couch like a slug, wishing for stronger meds (or even worse, telling them to buy me some sculpture made of cheese because it's "whimsical").

Rarely is one of my posts happy, without any snark.  I guess I Just wanted to be different today. I promise it won't happen often.

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