Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ask, and You Shall Receive

Okay, I thought just for fun I would post something a little bit serious.  Gots ta keep y'all on your toes, right?

You may remember that we are moving, to get into a house that has zero mold problems.  Which resulted in this amazing search-the kind of house we wanted, in the area we wanted it, seems to be in limited supply in our area, so when a good one came up, we had to jump on it.  Jump, we did, and after some finagling and negotiating, we found an amazing place, that has all the things we want, including a hot tub that will become my second home.

We had priced boxes at the local shipping store.  Holy shit!  Have you ever done that?  $6 on up PER BOX.  No joke.  So, we decided dumpster diving was truly not beneath us (hell, who am I kidding?  We decided Monkey Boy wasn't beneath dumpster diving.) We only netted maybe a dozen.  And Sky King's dream is to have a house completely ensconced inside cardboard when people arrive to help.  He did NOT want to be those people that are still pulling shit out of cabinets when you arrive to help out.

So I put a shout-out onto Facebook, to see if anyone had any boxes they would like to part with.  Right away, I had plenty of offers-and most of the people even went out of their way to deliver them to us.  I was overwhelmed with support, and the boxes, tape, and offers of help kept coming.

Pretty soon, we had a house full of boxes, and Sky King had packed everything he could get his hands on.

I continued to be overwhelmed by the amount of support we have been offered. We have people offering to drive an hour to help us move.  Unreal.  It made me think, "It's a good thing I let everyone know about my health issues. Otherwise, we would be doing this with just my husband at the helm, and a random family member to help."

Then I realized, it's NOT because I'm sick, that all these people want to help.  These people are some of the nicest, truest people you could ever hope to meet.  They love me, they love my family. The reason they have helped is not because I am sick, though.

They help, because I have learned to ask for help.

I realized this just a moment ago.  Yes, I'm fortunate-I have awesome family and friends.  My immediate family is nearly as crazy as me (especially that little girl).  We have a place to live, we have income coming in.  Many people are not that lucky.  But I think one of the biggest successes, one of my biggest accomplishments, is learning to ask for help and then being able to accept that help.  My fellow Spoonies could learn a thing or two. (Humility is still a ways away, sorry.)

Where in your life could you learn to ask for help?

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