Saturday, February 4, 2012

Shoving Crap in My Face

You are what you eat.  Which means I'm a gooey, yummy, fatty, sweet alcoholic.  (Actually, Sky King tends to agree...).  But you all may be aware I have been trying to change my diet for the better over the past, oh, year and a half or so.

Last February, I (mostly) gave up gluten, artificial sweeteners, and dairy.  Gluten and dairy made my pain significantly worse (and others agree, click here).  I did a very intense food elimination diet, which lasted several months.  As I tested each food, I would note which caused inflammation and pain, then re-test it later.  In the case of yummy fried foods (gluten) and ice cream (dairy) I tested over and over and over.  I'm nothing if not thorough.) Okay, just maybe I overindulged and paid dearly the next couple days.  Stop judging me.

finally, I came up with a list that works for me.  Do the research, figure out what you are willing to give up. It's amazing what will make that list if it reduces your pain.  Ben and Jerry's is rarely worth the pain that comes with it for me.

Nightshade!  Nightshade vegetables, all related to the Solanaceae family, cause lots of crap we don't need in our lives-joint pain, inflammation, and nerve problems.  Hell, that almost sounds like, hmmm...what was it?  Oh yeah, Fibromyalgia.  Hmmm. Once again, read up.  Potatoes, tomatoes, chiles and eggplant may be working hard to make your life miserable.

Add in some recommendations for Lyme Disease I stumbled across in my surfings, and we have quite a list:

Without chemicals.
Without hormones.
Without drugs.
Void of manipulation.
With nutrients.
While still looking like food.

Harrumph.  What am I left with? Trail mix. With CHUNKS OF DARK CHOCOLATE. Organic dark chocolate, of course. Red wine, 3 glasses a week.  And I'm pretty sure I can chug those three glasses in one day.  And I have been getting ahead of my assignments-I'm up to June in wine consumption.  I would hate to have to cramp those three glasses a week in all at the end of the year.  Although, that might be fun, too.
Where was I?  Oh.  Fresh stuff.  Whole foods.  Low Glycemic.  Agave has become my friend.  (tequila counts, right?) And there I have it.  A small bit of control over this thing that has invaded my body, has ruled the roost for far too long.

Oh, lemon water, and avoiding chlorine.  So, margaritas, and lake skinny-dipping.  Who's with me?

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