Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's Not Much, but...

Happy Valentine's Day to all those that love me. 

The ones that tolerate me, or worse, feel indifferent, y'all can kiss my ass.

We moved over the weekend, to get away from the House that Mold Built.  It was amazingly non-stressful.  Except for the constant barrage of, "where do you want this?", I did remarkably well.  And, about a dozen or so of our closest friends not only moved my entire house if shit I don't use much, but they hung around for the creation of several fine IKEA monstrosities.  So all my Valentine's gifts were already collected, a few days early.

Now, it's just a matter of figuring out where to put the overwhelming amount of stuff.  We have entirely too much. No, I don't think you quite understand.  Our kitchen is full.  FULL.  And Sky King just said, "You know what's scary?  I just found 3 more boxes of kitchen stuff."  I stared at him, wide-eyed, and realized he was talking about the stack of boxes he was standing by.  NOT the boxes hidden in the craft room.  He doesn't know about those two.  Yet.

Our new place is bigger, with more rooms. When we were orchestrating the relocation of boxes, we had to give quick names to the rooms so that people would know where to put stuff.

Off the kitchen, we have a room full of cabinets with a built-in desk. It goes out to a sauna room that has a hot tub in it. The cabinet room became known as The Random Room.
We have a spare bedroom now. It contains a bed and some extraneous furniture, as well as Sky King's wardrobe (damn you, 1970's house, built before walk-in closets had been invented!). That room has become The Drunk Tank, due to several friends claiming it as their own when the Summer Party Season begins.

We are still working out the name to our wifi. Unfortunately, we have a neighborhood full of wonderful, kind, generous people. Since we don't want them to call the cops on us when the inevitable over-indulgences of the summer begin, we are trying very hard to be nice. Therefore, we want to name the wifi something funny, yet not too risque'. So far, the winner is Surveillance Van #58.

So today, on the day when we are supposed to be our most romantic, I will:
  • Finally take a shower
  • Put away more shit I probably don't need
  • Refill all my pill containers
  • Change my address in as many places as possible
  • Try to put out before the kids get home from school
Do I know how to spice things up, or what?

Our gift to each other is the new place.  It's amazingly spread out, with tons of property to run amok.  It's already been dubbed, "Walker Ranch".

I hope you day is filled with tons of love, affection, and Nookie.  And wine.  And chocolate.  Yep, that'll do.

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