Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pinterest Stole my Life But Fed My Family

I am a Pinterest Junkie.

Wow, I feel better.

Don't know what Pinterest is?  I hope I can explain it properly:  Pinterest is a system of "pins" that link to websites containing info you want to save, similar to the "bookmark" function.  However, the pins are visual pictures, and can be categorized and group however you want.and, you can "follow" like on Twitter.  So if there is someone that pins cool stuff you like, you can follow them, and you will see all their pins when you log in.

If the above doesn't make you want to jump in a join right away, I am sorry that my wordsmithing was so lacking, because Pinterest is the new Facebook-the place where you lose countless hours, only to look up at a clock and say, "Holy shit!  I have to get up soon!" But you must whisper, because it's 3am, and your significant other will be pissed if it becomes known that you skipped doing the dishes and letting the dog out to "fetch more pins" real quick. 

The reason I bring it up today is because I, unlike many of the people I have heard from, actually use my pins.  Yes, I dick around for hours, pinning inappropriate cartoons and sayings as much as the next guy.  I get ideas for horrifying bedding (think: Zombie Apocalypse duvets) and drinks I will never mix.

But I get tons of recipes, craft ideas, and home decor stuff that I have used.

And before you discount my pins as estrogen-fueled chick crap, know that you can also have boards that are about: jerky recipes, boobs, cars, architecture, household shortcuts (WD-40 can do almost anything!), and more boobs. And, you can cruise through the internet pinning your own things, rather than re-pinning things others have found!  For instance, if you create an awesome photo-shopped picture of a clown offing a bag of kittens, complete with the caption, "Not so funny now, is he?", you can pin it.  And share it with the world.  I know, right???  Limitless possibilities!

And, you can use your boards for all sorts of things:
Wish lists, things you want, sayings you want to remember, offensive T-shirt resources, ideas for a future home/garden/girlfriend/boyfriend/science fair project.  Phew.  I'm getting a little excited, and trying real hard not to ditch this post and go create some new boards.........:::grrrr:::.....

I'm back.  and I'm going to share with you what I have pinned, that I love. All because I'm awesome.  You're welcome.  Happy Hump day!


This is a really cool way to log children's heights.  It all started when we moved in '04. We had to take the bathroom door with us. Then we rented for a long time, and even marked up the last place's door, which we have to clean.  Then I saw this!  Sky King is staining the piece of wood and transferring the heights as I type.  It will look awesome in our dining room.

This is a recipe for Crock Pot Sweet Potatoes. The beauty of this is, you don't use up valuable oven space on a major holiday.  The other great thing?  People who don't like sweet potatoes will like these.  My mom said so.

Another recipe?  This one, for Crock Pot Oatmeal that's ready when you get up.  It's creamy, and can be garnished with maple syrups, nuts, raisins, milk, whatever.

I have done a ton more things in the crock pot recently (can you tell my oven's broke?) such as: crock pot carnitas, basil chicken in coconut curry, and more.

I have fond low fat recipes, "clean eating" recipes, "paleo" recipes.  You name it, you can find it and pin it.

And I'm so anal, I move pins to different boards when I do them, or delete them altogether.  I'm still working through my control issues...

So. If you would like to waste even more time than you already do on the internet, join Pinterest.  I heard a rumor that it's hard to get an account-the website says "request an invite" and I did hear at one point people weren't getting approved for a month of more.  But because I'm super awesome, I will invite you.  See? I'm "People".  So now you can walk around all cool as shit, saying, "I know People".

Send me your email, to my email, Put "pinterest" in the subject, and I will hook you up.  Then, when you get an account, be sure to "follow" me, Fearless Fibro!

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