Friday, February 17, 2012

Random Rooms, and Drunk Tanks

I am still unpacking and getting settled in the new place, so I will be brief. 

The Random Room is filling up fast, while the Drunk Tank needs more decor.  And likely a large plastic garbage can.

I changed my address with Netflix, so I don't have much else to do, except for putting up a few pictures.

I'm becoming unnerved by the number of friendly neighbors-I have never experienced this kind of neighborly attitude. Except in college in Santa Barbara, and neighbors were friendly either because I was hot (I WAS really hot, big boobs, small waist) or because I had beer, which I always did. I'm realizing that I can't wander around the house in a tank top without a bra, because some friendly person might come to the door with some cookies. This is becoming a bit inconvenient.

The only person that hasn't come by to welcome us is the child molester across the way.  Seriously.  Megan's Law.  Eeew. I guess he can't be around my kids. I DID, however, spy him this morning from the safety of my window.  He was throwing something in his trash can, like a perv. What a creeper.

When I'm not unnerved by the creeper across the street, or figuring out ways to make him move that does not violate his rights, I am still trying to get used to this place.  We have tons of lights, making all our recently purchased lamps obsolete (not bitter, nope) and this place is insulated amazingly well.

I'm slowly getting used to the new sounds of my house, and I'm starting to get entirely impatient about the empty hot tub.  I may start whining about it today.  Although, that would detract from Sky King's quest to clean the old place, without my help.  I may wait until he's done cleaning, to whine about the hot tub.  Or maybe I will fake a hamstring injury...

Talk to you soon!

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