Monday, August 29, 2011

The BEST Cake in the World...if You Can't Have Dairy or Gluten

The other day, I made my way to my favorite store (besides the Nordstrom Shoe department)-the Gluten Free Specialty Store on 26th and J Streets in downtown Sacramento.
I found this place randomly-making my way down the street with an appointment close by, I wandered in.  Not only do they have a HUGE selection of items that I LOVE, the store is manned (womanned?) by a lovely owner named Melanie that seems to know EVERYTHING about Gluten Free stuff. The rest of the staff is pretty awesome, too. So, to recap:
Selection is awesome
Staff friendly and helpful
Small local business
Special discount for cash payments
Special discount for cases, once you find what you CAN'T live without

Anyways, I always pick up a couple items I am out of, and then I try a couple new items.  This last trip, I was looking for a cake mix that I had liked-they were out, and it is imported from Australia, so I figured I better find something else.  I asked, and was directed towards the King Arthur Chocolate Cake Mix-she said it's the best.  I bought it, and took it home, hoping it would be acceptable for a celebration meal.

I made the one 9-inch circle cake, and 12 cupcakes. (The 9 inch would serve as the main cake, the cupcakes get frozen for me to eat when I NEED a cupcake. Don't act like you don't know what I mean.)
I then followed the directions in my head for a chocolate ganache icing:
1 small can coconut milk (2/3 cup or so)
1 bag vegan chocolate chips

Heat milk to bubbling, pull off heat, add in chips, whisk until smooth. Constantly check temp with finger until room temp, licking finger each time, then washing it, because otherwise that would be gross.

Once the ganache is room temp, I smear some ganache on the bottom of the cake plate, then put the cake down, and drizzle the rest over the top of the cake-hopefully it will cover all the way, but you may have "checked the temp" too many times. You can leave it out, so it serves a bit gooey, or fridge it so that the chocolate hardens and serves up like a chocolate-cake-filled-chocolate-chip.


Thankfully, the computer screen does not show drool.  The keyboard may never be the same though.

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