Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Healthy Part

Today, I got test results for a test I  Fabulously prompt turn-around, right?  Maybe American Health Care is NOT going into the crapper.  Nah, musta been a fluke.

Anyways, turns out, I got at least one healthy part on me--actually, two.  I had a mamogram this morning prompted by my Aunt's current battle with breast cancer, as well as some history in our family of breast cancer. Then, lo and behold in my in-box, there was a message saying that, and I quote:

"while glorious and silky smooth, there is nothing otherwise remarkable about your breasts. Flaunt them before they hit your knees."

or something like that.

I plan to celebrate with a jug of milk, two chicken breasts, and Coffee Nips.

:::crickets chirping:::

Seriously, there are not many "boob"-like foods out there. Nothing rhymes with "aereola" or "breast". Except, "aereola" and "breast".
Men, they get all the good jokes.

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