Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Improvements and Possibilities

Recently, I came across a study about Fibro that I really enjoyed reading---here is the link.

The really awesome thing about this study is that you can look at a ton of treatment options, from pain meds to marijuana to meditation and yoga, and see what people are finding helpful. In addition, there seems to be a drug, usually used for drug dependency, that has shown remarkable results. This is something I plan to discuss with my doctor.

Another thing I found interesting is that the medication I was put on, Cymbalta, is listed as not very helpful.  I however have benefited greatly from it. Out there in the Facebook and blogging worlds, most people have not benefited much, so I am feeling particularly fortunate today.

Here is a pic of the study results:
For more info, click the link above, and talk to your doctor about your options. Many of the options are inexpensive or free, like yoga and meditation, as well as dietary changes. I know people with chronic illnesses get sick of hearing other people telling them to try new things, but this time, it's coming from someone that has done so herself.

Gentle hugs!

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