Friday, August 12, 2011

Tic Talk

After some time spent at the local research hospital with Princess regarding her inability to conform to the "sitting still and not freaking out" silliness our public schools insist upon (even the hippy dippy charters!), we have learned some things.  Things we were pretty sure of, but now our opinions are endorsed by people with lots of initials after their names.  PhD, MD, DDS.  Whatever.

#1-she has ADHD. With emphasis on the H.  We will work this out when we figure out what we want to do, but at least the school will be patient with us, and make accommodations based on what works for her.

#2-she has a Transient Motor Tic.  We knew this, and thought she was just strange.  Well, she is still strange, but she isn't doing this stuff to annoy us, like we thought.  When she says, "I'm just made that way", she is serious, and cannot control the little twitches.  These are the things she does over and over and over and over and over, that she cannot stop/control:

The Snarf-this is a sound she makes, where she seems to stop breathing, then forces a large amount of air out her nose.
The Chomp-she will repeatedly chomp her jaw together with her mouth open, making a sound when the top and bottom teeth meet.
The Gulp-she will make an audible gulp sound. I can't even come close to recreating this one.
The Lip Stretch-this is where she opens her mouth, and stretches the skin between her nose and mouth.

I think I noticed a new one the other night that involves a leg movement, but it could have been a fluke. I will keep you posted!

All of these tics come and go.  She does them when she is: Excited, nervous, overstimulated, or zoned out to the TV, or listening to a book.  No amount of verbal reminders can stop her.  When asked why she does it, she shrugs and says, "It's just how I'm made".

I suppose it could be worse---it could be like the guy with Tourette's, back in the 80's on LA Law, that would scream obscenities at people randomly. Fortunately, I am still the only one in the family doing this.  Except, I do it when it is earned.

So, to recap: It's like Tourette's, without the verbal insults. If she insults you, it was intentional. Think: Your bathing suit is HUGE!!!  But any piggy-fart-mouth noises, don't take them personally.

Just thought I'd clarify.

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