Sunday, August 21, 2011

Daniel Tosh and the Douche Canoes

For Father's Day, I happened upon tickets to a stand-up comedian, Daniel Tosh.  Love him or hate him, he has quite a following. If you are unfamiliar with him, his philosophy is summed up this way: If you have ever uttered the statement "There's nothing funny about _______(cancer, AIDS, racism, fake boobs, people falling)", then Daniel Tosh is not for you.  Luckily for us, we are his kind of sick people.

We found him years ago on a Comedy Central compilation, and we have followed him for several years. So when we saw he was coming to town, we jumped at the chance to see him live. (He also happens to be easy on the eyes...)

We could only get tickets to the 10 PM show, so I napped (really, I did!) and we hit the ground running.  We arrived downtown, found parking, and secured some snackies. And drinks. Gotta be at least as buzzed as the people working the front door, right?  Let's face it, Tosh is not high-brow.  A friend of mine made a comment on Facebook that Tosh is "for Mature Audiences only", then she remarked on how ironic that statement is, because his penchant for fart/poop/other bodily fluids jokes is unsurpassed. 

Anywhoooo---as we were making our way to the venue, we noticed a strong presence of trashy women and douche-y guys.  You know the type, very "Jersey Shore" without the horrid tans. Add in full sleeve tattoos, and you got yourself an audience. Oh, and sprinkle in a few kids. Yep, kids. Prepubescent morsels that will be the talk of 6th grade in 24 hours.

Here is a pic of the type of shirts we saw on the men in the audience:

Except, the shirts were on guys that looked like Jersey Shore rejects.  And, they had trashy women with them (wait, that is EXACTLY like Jersey Shore...). 

So, as we are sitting there waiting for the show to start, my husband and I have the following exchange:

Him: Wow. Tattoos are really IN right now. I mean, wow. Look around. Everyone has them, everywhere.
Me: Yep. They are gonna look great in 20 years.
Him: Yeah, right?  And they are all looking at us, saying, "Wow, look, old people came to the show, how cute."
Me: No, they are saying, "Wow, employed people came to the show, maybe they can help me get a job."  Newsflash-not a chance in hell. These people are train wrecks.

The show was great, even though it ended WAY past our bedtime. And, Daniel Tosh is just as hot in person as he is when he is making inappropriate poop jokes.

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