Saturday, November 5, 2011

10 Little-Known Aimee Facts

1.       I am a huge fan of gangsta rap. No, seriously.  I get shit for it all the time. Except by cool people-they get me.
2.       I am a major light-weight---1 and a half drinks, and I’m yours.  Actually, my husband knows this.
3.       Intellectually, I am completely against corporal punishment. Actually, my kids have received a couple smacks here and there. Combined, they are pushing 5 or more. Yet, I love tons of people that are big spankers.
4.       I constantly strive to be a better person. And, I am somewhat ashamed of how critical I can be. Not ashamed enough to stop, though. ‘Cause that shit is funny.
5.       I love my job, but I left the field entirely because I was burned out.  I only went back because I needed the money.  Then I fell in love with what I do.
6.       I was worried I didn’t have enough love for two children-like, in a “OMG, what if I hate the baby?” kinda way.  Turns out, I do have enough, but Monkey Boy loves me so much, he has nothing left for his sister. I obsess about this constantly.
7.       I don’t know if I will ever be able to stop doing so much. I keep adding new things. Delegate at work, join Girl Scouts as a Leader. Cut hours back, volunteer more.  Actually, that is not a “Little-known” fact.
8.       I am deathly afraid that my health will never get better-that I am stuck with this shit forever.
9.       I hate western medicine, and medications. Yet the only things that give me pain relief are pharmaceuticals. This drives me bananas, and I am working it out in therapy.
10.   I was devastated when I was diagnosed with depression.  I have struggled for almost a year to come to terms with it, which is why I talk about it so much.  I figure, if I have to get used to it, so does everyone else. You’re welcome.
11.   The two things I hate most about Fibro (right now, anyways) are my memory/cognitive function loss, and my having to change how I do everything-less energy, less strength, less ability.  I worry that I set a bad example to my daughter and son about what strong women are like.
12.   I don’t like to follow stupid rules. Which is why there are 12, instead of 10 things listed.  I tried to consolidate a couple, to fall into the “10 things” promise at the beginning. 
New Title:
12 Little-Known Facts About Aimee

(there.  Much better.)


  1. Just found your blog and enjoy your writing.

    RE: #11 I also worry about what I'm modelling for my daughter. Have I been strong enough? Does she seem me pushing through? Right now I'm on the couch taking a break because I have already exceeded my energy and it's only 9am.


  2. Glad you enjoy! I know, right? I figure if I just keep reminding them that this is my thing, I can't help it, share my frustrations with them when appropriate, they will get it. I had a "done by 9" day the other day, too-isn't it a bitch?