Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shit That Needs to Stop

In the interest of time, I have a declaration (although I am SURE Sky King will lay claim to this new rule, taking all the credit).

From now on, when there is no one around, you may use parking lot stop signs as you see fit.
They are now optional.  You're welcome. 

On an unrelated note:
Dear Little blue-Haired Freak in the Powder Blue Sedan:
You do NOT have to come to a complete stop at all 9 stop signs in the parking lot.  Especially not at 2 in the afternoon.  Especially not when the parking lot is empty except for you and me, in my swagger wagon. I DO know sign language, that WAS meant for you, and YES, I am bat-shit crazy and might possibly hurt you if only to save others the misery of driving behind your ancient sagging ass.  Go home where you belong, it's almost bed time.
Kisses and tight neck hugs,

Oh, and frivolous lawsuits about missing drink coupons on flights, or about eye drop bottles looking like nail glue bottles are now also illegal.
From now on when you do something completely stupid you may not blame what you think are deep-pocketed corporations. Instead, you must live with your stupidity until it kills you. Just please don't take me with you.

That is all.

Happy Thursday!

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