Sunday, November 6, 2011

Keep Your Weather Change

I love Fall.  Okay, I LOVED (emphasize the D) Fall.  These are the things I USED to love about Fall.
  • (Man, I LOVE bullet points!) The leaves turning. I know, I have mysteriously turned into a 70 year old East Coast Marm. But man, the colors-it's like nature's own acid trip. I truly want to scoop up a bunch of the damned things, bring them home, and use them to decorate. But they rot, and smell, and lose their color. So forget it.
  • All my Fall clothes-boots, wool socks, jeggings (DON'T mock me!), toasty wool pea coats. 
  • Did I mention my boots?  I REALLY love boots.  MY boots.  They are awesome. They are so awesome, I find myself admiring boots online, only to realize I own them. Man, I have great taste.
  • The blustery day with the wind blowing, leaves crunching underfoot, people (not me, mind you) raking, kids jumping into piles of leaves
  • The smells-pumpkin spice, apples baking. Yummmm.
  • The colors-Fall jewel tones look really amazing, especially on me!
I could go on.  However, I cannot handle the cold. Not at all. Mind you, I live in California. Northern, but still.   With Reynaud's Phenomenon, I lose circulation in extremities in the cold. (Other times, too but the cold makes it worse.) Now, when it happens, a couple other things occur. I feel the cold, yeah.  But sometimes the cold stings, which turns to an ache. And it takes quite some time to get the sting to stop. And sometimes, on those special, special days, the cold finger, toe or nose (each person with Reynaud's has a different area that is affected) turns yellowish-white.  now, seems more like just a visual issue. What it means, though, is that there is no blood circulating. fine for a few moments. However, as my Doctor told me, if it lasts longer than, say, 4 hours, I'm to hustle my little ass to the nearest ER. So they don't have to chop the problem area off.  bummer, right?

So, Fall is kind of starting to suck. Between the constant need for gloves, expensive wool socks, and trying to avoid outside, which I love(D), I'm getting kinda bummed.

Sorry 'bout my pissy mood.  I think I need some pie.

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